Gonna go hide in my closet.

I feel like a dumb ass.
So I’ve liked this guy, Jiaao, for a year now (and he knows it) and he’s totally sweet and all and we hang out and he sends sweet texts saying things like “can’t wait to hangout again! Sorry I made you wait so long.” Or “I miss you, can’t wait to see you again” and it’s cute.

Anyway, we hung out the other day, he took me to get food and I got to meet 2 of his friends. And we walked around and he was super sweet. Then after I left he texted me “you looked cute today, shy girl.” To which I gave the phone to my sister who said “she is only for you, you know. -Ashley” and they talked for a while then he said “tell her I love her too.”
Then my sis gave me the phone and I didn’t know what to do so she took it and told him I was confused…. Then later I texted him and said “I love you too ^//////^” to which he replied “Ashley or Whitney, huh?” And I said no so he said “really?? I’m so happy then.”

Then LATER, his friends that I had met added me on fb and we were all talking to each other on a post on Jiaao’s wall and he asked friend 1 how his date went and friend 1 said it was good. And next thing I knew I felt stupid cause Jiaao said that friend 1 should teach him how to do online dating……………….
Am I delusional? Or is Jiaao just confusing?
Sorry for my randomness but I had to get this off my mind OTL

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  1. spoopyseyoung said: You need to just grab him and tell him straight up that you like him. It sounds like he likes you too. I ship it.
  2. kimhyungjae said: Eat this off your mind? I have taught Ashley well :D
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